Soothe 900mg Nano CBD Gummies 30ct

by Soothe LLC
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Our one-a-day nano CBD gummies offer 30mg of Soothe Nano CBD infused with terpenes in each gummy. Start your day the right way with a healthy boost from Soothe!


Full chew 1 gummy daily completely before swallowing

Take daily and consistently for best results


30 gummies per bottle

30mg of Soothe Nano CBD per gummy*

Weight: 40g

*Our CBD is more effective than CBD on its own.


    Soothe Nano hemp extract, cane sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, sorbitol, terpenes, artificial flavors and coloring, corn starch, apricot kernel oil, citric acid.

    *Soothe Nano CBD absorbs better than CBD on its own. 1mg of active isolate cannabidiol from hemp used in 10mg of Soothe Nano CBD.

    *Please consult your physician before use

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