Break Free CBD Tincture 500mg

by Privy Peach

Break Free- 500 MG CBD Infused MCT Oil Tincture

Pure and simple Mct infused  Tincture that can be taken sublingually, or mixed in a drink. Some use this for bullet proof coffee. It has a very mild taste that can easily be masked.

Getting CBD into your body on a daily basis is an important part of helping you achieve all of the possible effects the therapeutic cannabinoid has to offer. To regulate sleep and reduce chronic pain, a daily dose is absolutely necessary! That’s where our Break Free CBD tincture comes in. 

Our Break Free tincture helps you break away from chronic pain, lack of sleep, and brain fog both sublingually and mixed with foods and beverages. One dropper contains roughly 10mgs of full-spectrum CBD oil as well as terpenes and vitamins that help nourish your body and promote a wholesome sense of wellbeing. Best of all, the taste is very mild and easily masked, making it possible to get it into the body in many different ways. 


Directions: Take 1-2 droppers. For faster absorption, place under the tongue for 30 seconds and swallow. One dropper is approximately 1 ML.

16.6 MG/ML

1 oz-30ml

Ingredients: 500 MG CBD, MCT Oil

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