Habit Prerolls

by Habit
  1. Habit’s high-CBD hemp strain prerolls hit strong and last a long time. Each preroll is full spectrum, meaning you get all of the benefits of the organic terpenes and other cannabinoids

    Each batch of prerolls is cured in small batches to ensure quality and perfection.

    People have described Habit’s high-CBD joints as “high quality” and “a simple way to use CBD”. 

    Habit is one of the brands that pioneered the industry in California. They have won many awards for their products. USA Grown: All farms are located in California and come from trusted and consistent growers that have generations of experience. Registered Farms: All of the flower is grown and processed in registered farms and facilities. Consistent Product: Always tested at the advertised CBD content, always full spectrum, and the flower is pesticide and heavy metal free. High-CBD strains are a favorable replacement to tobacco cigarettes and high-THC flower. Easy way to smoke during the day and stay functional

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