CBD products are helping people of all ages in their everyday lives for so many reasons:


" Hi, my name is John, I have been using Mary's Muscle Freeze after my work outs on sore areas and I can't believe how much it helps me recover and get back in the gym." - John M. 3/12/18


"I am 65 years old and tried Apothecanna's Extra Strength Relieving Spray for my knee pain. In a matter of minutes I can walk for hours." - Terry S. 3/24/18


"The Lavender Sleep Mask by Kana is soo soothing & relaxing before bed, I put it on before bed, read my book for 20 mins and then wash my face, I fall asleep in seconds." - Emily H. 4/10/18


"I have been having a lot of shoulder pain after playing tennis so I was recommended to try Extra Strength Relieving Spray by Apothecanna and it has helped me recover so fast I am able to play more tennis each day." - Ray M. 5/15/18


"I got to try my friend's 24K Anti-Wrinkle Serum and saw amazing results around my eyes after using it so I decided to go through CBD Philly to get it, best decision ever!" - Sarah J. 5/23/18