Where to Buy CBD in Philadelphia

 Written by Maria Fregoni


CBD Philly

CBD Philly is a one-stop shop for all of your CBD needs, which is what makes this company so unique. They offer a large assortment of products ranging from bathing necessities, beauty-related items, vitamins, vaping essentials, candies, tincture and more. They are well-equipped with CBD-infused goodies that will satisfy your needs, from stress and anxiety management to pain relief. A local online retail store, CBD Philly provides a multitude of different brands to choose from, all alike in their amazing, organic quality. As an added bonus, they offer fast shipping for free with any purchase over $75!



With a smaller product selection, Soothe maintains a very specific mission: to promote wellness the natural way. Soothe prides themselves on their concern and dedication to help customers with their pain, muscle recovery, adequate sleep, and stress. To achieve their mission, they provide products such as CBD gummies, vaporizers, and pain relief lotions, all of which work to improve the overall quality of one’s physical and mental health. Beyond that, Soothe also generously donates a portion of their earnings to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It is also a partner with us, as they resell online with CBD Philly.


Anthology Wellness

The first CBD retail shop in Philadelphia, Anthology Wellness, provides everything from self-care products like scrubs and lotions to items for your dearest furry friends. What sets Anthology Wellness apart from other CBD retailers is their commitment to the production process. Partnered with farms in Oregon, they employ nothing short of wholesome, organic materials during the creation of their products. As to not tarnish the premium, virgin quality of their self-grown ingredients, Anthology Wellness refuses to include any additives, fragrances, or pollutants. They not only prioritize an ethical production process by using organic ingredients, but they also opt out of testing on animals. The uniqueness of this sustainable company lies within the customer’s ability to indulge in the benefits of CBD with a clear conscious. 


NuLife CBD

Another trusted and reputable company, NuLife CBD exclusively sells CBD oil and CBD wax with the aim to protect their customers from diseases and other illnesses without the use of harsh ingredients such as the ones contained in conventional medications. NuLife CBD has been certified as being 100% organic, Non-GMO, and lab tested to ensure that each product has been fully extracted of its THC. NuLife CBD realizes that not all hemp plants are of the same quality, so they are meticulous in the selection of the farms that they collaborate with during the crafting of their CBD products.



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