What is CBD & The Benefits

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of 113 known active cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD is identified as one of the major non-psychoactive components of the cannabis plant.

The human body contains an endocannabinoid receptor system (ECS), the internal system that helps achieve homeostasis and maintain a healthy biological balance. The ECS is responsible for actively regulating organ systems and other bodily functions to keep them in equilibrium, allowing your body to perform at its optimal level.

Scientific research has shown that the ECS regulates multiple processes within the human body, such as the following:

  • – Immune response (Journal of Immunology, 2012)
  • – Energy balance (Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 2008)
  • – Stress response (Proceeding of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America, 2010)
  • – Appetite
  • – Sleep (International Journal of Molecular Medicine)

The ECS is made up of cannabinoid receptors found throughout your body in locations such as the brain, spine, immune cells, major organs, and more.

At Revivid SPORT, our CBD is derived from Cannabis sativa hemp plants. While these plants share a similar family name to marijuana, our hemp plants produce an oil that is refined to not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and therefore produce no psychoactive effects. Our hemp is legally grown under Section 7606 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 (“Farm Bill”).

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