The Importance Of Third Party Testing In CBD Companies

With CBD becoming more popular, there are literally hundreds of brands to choose from. Before you buy, read below to ensure you’re getting the safest, most effective CBD product. 

What is third party testing and why is it important? 

Third party testing is a way to examine and test the CBD products that are currently flooding the market. Reputable CBD companies will not only test their products themselves, they’ll also have their product tested by an unbiased third party to confirm if the results are consistent with what is listed on the label. It’s a grueling and expensive process, but highly necessary for reputable CBD companies who want to win the trust of their customers (1). 

Unfortunately, the CBD industry isn’t very regulated. In fact, CBD products aren’t even screened and tested by the FDA before they hit the public market. This can be scary for consumers everywhere, as they could be using a product with questionable ingredients and never know it. Hence, the push to seek out only reputable CBD companies that value and purchase third party testing of their products. 

Sadly, in Utah, The Center for Disease Control and Prevention discovered synthetic compounds in CBD products that were falsely labeled. This resulted in 52 people falling ill after consuming a product titled “YOLO CBD Oil”. The synthetic compound discovered was 4-CCB. Amazingly, this synthetic compound acts on the same receptors as THC, but its effects are highly dangerous and unpredictable. This synthetic compound can lead to severe illnesses and, in some cases, fatal outcomes. This is all the more reason to seek out reputable companies that take the time and money to have their product tested for the safety of their customers and their reputation (2).

Why some CBD companies don’t seek third party testing

The short answer: it’s highly expensive. The equipment used in accurately testing CBD products is very expensive. One type of test, HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography), tests the levels of potency, molds, bacteria, solvents, etc. For reputable CBD companies, they test their product several times before placing a label on it and sending it off to their customers despite the cost in testing (1). 

This is why other CBD companies have decided to cut corners and falsify test results of their product that actually have never been tested in the first place. Unfortunately, some CBD companies only see the value in the profit of CBD rather than CBD’s amazing therapeutic benefits it can provide for people.

How to know if your CBD Oil has been tested and is safe

The best way to ensure your CBD product is third-party tested is by viewing the COA (Certificate of Analysis) of the product. 

  • Most COAs appear on the CBD company’s website. If they’re not readily available for viewing, contact the company and request the COA. 

  • Look to see who conducted the test. It should be different than the company that is selling the product. This means the product was third-party tested. 

  • Check the date and batch number of the company’s other COAs. This ensures that they’re not cutting corners and reusing past COAs as new ones. 

  • Finally, examine the COA accuracy. Make sure the test results accurately line up with what’s listed on the product label (3).

Reputable CBD companies provide transparency to their customers and will always be willing to send their accurate COA to potential buyers. With that said, it’s highly important to do your due diligence and research any CBD product you plan on consuming. 



By: Joy Hughes

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