The Best 5 Stay At Home CBD Products

Believe it or not, it can be stressful to stay at home all the time. So here at CBD Philly, we’ve made a list of some of the most invigorating CBD products that make staying at home feel like you’re at an exclusive vacation resort. Check out our list below for the best 5 stay at home CBD products on the market for 2020.  

CBD Oil - Mary’s Nutritionals The Remedy Oil 

If you’re stuck at home all day and all night, you might need something to help relieve your anxious feelings or inability to restfully sleep throughout the night. Mary’s Nutritionals is known for their nutrient dense tinctures and topicals. 

One product that really stands out among the rest is their Remedy Oil tincture. With a combination of full spectrum hemp extract, cinnamon oil, myrrh, and sweet almond oil, Mary’s Nutritionals Remedy tincture truly acts as an all purpose remedy and comes with an easy to dose dropper. Each dose contains 2mg of full spectrum hemp extract and can be administered under the tongue for fast absorption. 

CBD Gummies - Green Roads 200mg CBD Froggies 

Staying at home indefinitely can be tiresome, so why not bring some relief to your boredom with Green Roads CBD Froggies. Green Roads is famously known for their award-winning CBD products. While all of their products have received a 5 star rating, their CBD gummies remain some of the best edibles on the market today. Their 200mg CBD Froggie gummies contain 50mg of CBD and are completely free of all THC.  

Packed with delicious and relaxing ingredients, these gummies are great for those who prefer a sweet tasting CBD product that offers a tremendous amount of therapeutic effects. 

CBD Bath Bomb

Believe it or not, staying home all day everyday can be mentalily taxing and stressful. All the more reason to pamper yourself by creating your own at home spa day with CBD Bath Bombs

De La Beuh bath bombs were created for those who want to feel the most relaxed they’ve ever felt  in the comfort of their own home. Formulated with the finest ingredients, De La Beuh products are free of harmful toxins that may irritate the skin, like chemicals, fragrance oils, and preservatives. Infused with CBD, their bath bombs are designed to melt your troubles away by loosening up stiff joints, relieving sore muscles, and alleviating chronic pain. Who knows, you might not want to leave home after all. 

CBD Topicals - 500mg CBD Relief Gel Topical Warming Therapy 

Let’s face it, staying home may awaken the inner desire to fix a few things around the house. All the more reason to have a bottle of Habit’s CBD Relief Gel nearby. Habit CBD is known for their unique 3rd party tested CBD products. 

Their CBD Relief Gel is loaded with botanical extracts, and it is formulated to warm the body, soothe muscles, and naturally target inflammation. Each bottle contains 500mg of hemp-derived CBD and offers users a safe therapeutic approach to their aches and pains.  

CBD Coffee - Pot-O-Coffee Bags

We know coffee is life. So even when you have no place to go, a cup of joe can do more than wake you up. In fact, a cup of CBD coffee will stimulate the mind without producing those anxiety inducing jitters. That’s where Isodiol CBD coffee comes into play. 

Their Pot-O-Coffee contains a combination of Arabica coffee beans and Heneplex hemp complex. Infused with the rich flavor of vanilla, each cup will have you feeling relaxed and energized all at the same time. So get roasted every morning with a cup of Pot-O-Coffee. 

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