Setting the Record Straight: CBD Oil Myths


Due to its close connection with marijuana, cannabis oil is incredibly controversial and leaves many people with apprehension about trying it out. That’s precisely why it’s important that we understand how CBD works and call attention to the misconceptions that surround it.

Myth 1: CBD oil can get you high

This is one of the most commonly shared myths about CBD oil. Although CBD oil derives from a marijuana or hemp plant, it is 100% non-psychoactive. In fact, CBD oil is just one compound of the 100+ that makes up cannabis and the largest amount of THC that has been found in CBD oil was 0.2% which is not nearly enough to have any psychoactive effects on the body. It should not be confused with oils such as RSO oil or hemp oils which are very rich in THC.

Myth 2: CBD products are illegal

Fortunately, CBD products are absolutely legal in every state and widely available for the public to use. Many people shy away from trying CBD-infused products in fear that they are participating in illegal drug use, however, this is entirely untrue. So long as you’re buying from a reputable, legitimate website, there is no reason to worry about any legality issues.

Myth 3: All CBD is the same

This myth is one that could be potentially dangerous if it is not debunked. Because CBD oil has not yet been approved by the FDA, anyone can sell any oil and claim it was made purely and honestly. With the recent uproar of success in the CBD market, there may be sellers who want to reap the benefits but haven’t put forth the effort that goes into making products of great quality. This is why it’s crucial to purchase from companies that are transparent in regard to how their oil is made.

Myth 4: CBD hasn’t been scientifically proven to be effective

Contrary to popular criticism, there is a vast amount of research completed and currently in progress that proves CBD oil is effective. There has been an especially large amount of reputable research conducted around the effects of CBD oil on epileptic seizures and anxiety. It has been proven that CBD oil decreases seizures so greatly that a synthetic form called Epidiolex has now been created to foster the same effects...Read more about this research.

Myth 5: CBD oil can only be used by adults

Many believe that CBD oil is only safe for adults, however, children and even small pets tolerate the oil well. Dr. Leslie Iversen of Oxford University studied the safety of several substances for children and determined that “cannabinoids are even safer than aspirin and can be used long-term without serious side effects”.

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