Give the Gift of Relaxation This Christmas

Written by: Maria F.

In addition to the joy and togetherness that the holiday season brings, it also yields crowded malls, last minute shopping, holiday parties, and blistering cold temperatures. This year, give a friend, family member, or favorite colleague CBD essentials to combat the stressful holiday woes. CBD Philly is offering 15% off sitewide this season, so you and your loved ones don’t have to experience holiday burnout. Here are some of our favorites for every person on your list:

For: The One That Needs “Me Time”

CBD Philly provides a superb assortment of differently scented and colored bath bombs, all alike in their quality and potency. After long weeks of checking off others’ Christmas lists, a CBD-filled bubble bath is a perfect way to rejuvenate. With scents such as thin mint (pictured below, left), lemon (pictured below, right), flower petal, grapefruit, and more, the gift-giving options are plentiful. Perhaps your gift recipient prefers bubble bath rather than bath bombs? Try our Plain Jane bubblebath!

For: The One With a Busy Schedule

Amongst the chaos of every day, it can be hard to find the time to relax. The solution? Pocket-sized, portable CBD products. This includes products such as our Soothe Puff pen (pictured below, left) for vaporized relaxation, Extra Strength Relieving Spray (pictured below, right) for a quick fix for any aches and pains, and Gemstonz Suck it CBD hard candies for a tasty, calming treat. The beauty of these products is that they can be used anywhere at any time. Even your loved ones with the busiest of schedules can appreciate the relaxing benefits of CBD.


For: The Beauty Fanatic

The colder months can wreak havock on our skin and hair. Choose from the wide range of beauty products that CBD Philly has to offer so that your mom, sister, daughter, or friend can experience the moisturizing, relaxing effects that CBD has to offer. Products such as the Privy Peach Facial Day Cream (pictured below, left) or the 24K Anti-Wrinkle Serum (pictured below, right) provide supple moisture while the calming properties of CBD work to reduce stress.

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