CBD Philly Now Offering 1-2 Day Delivery In Philadelphia

During these trying times, many people are concerned about receiving their CBD products in a timely manner. With all the chaotic uncertainty flooding the media and our daily lives, it’s nice to know there’s a natural alternative extract that can calm our nerves and ease our uncertain feelings. Hemp-derived CBD is a must-have during these hard times. That’s why we believe you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to receive it.

While we know online shopping conveniently allows us to avoid long lines, crowds, and out-of-stock items, there is a downside to purchasing those hard-to-come-by CBD products on the web online: Waiting for your CBD delivery. 

Unfortunately, the delivery time for high demand CBD products can be painstakingly long, especially during this pandemic—from 1 week to as long as 3 weeks. However, thanks to CBD Philly, people located in Philadelphia don’t have to deal with this problem anymore. We’re offering our Philadelphia customers 1-2 day delivery on all of our online CBD orders.

Here at CBD Philly, we offer high quality CBD products that come from reputable companies. Some of our most sought-after brands include: 

  • Green Roads – an award winning CBD company that offers an array of products.
  • Mary’s Nutritionals – an innovative CBD company operated by well-respected physicians and first-class scientists.  
  • De La Beuh – a company that offers carefully formulated products, free of harmful toxins company.
  • Habit CBD – a company that offers well-crafted, thoroughly tested CBD products. 
  • Kana –– a company that creates cruelty and paraben-free skincare products. 
  • Gemstonz – an award winning hemp company that carefully crafts an array of CBD products. 
  • Dorsi Health – a CBD company with a mission to provide consumers with thoroughly tested, high quality CBD products at affordable prices.
  • Free The Leaf – A hemp flower company that specializes in CBD and CBG products infused with natural terpenes. 
  • Gold Standard CBD – known as America’s first and best organically grown hemp ‘stix’ that are thoroughly tested for safety and accuracy. 
  • Blondies Bombs – a personal care company that offers CBD candies that are handmade in small batches to ensure safety and quality. 
  • And many others.

Living in these unpredictable times, it’s nice to know that those hard to come by CBD products are at your fingertips with CBD Philly online. If you're located in the Philadelphia area, and you want high quality CBD products fast, Click Here and order today.

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