CBD Holiday Gift Guide – 5 Of The Best CBD Gifts

With Thanksgiving just around the corner here in the States, Christmas shopping is in full swing. While the holidays are a joyous time of year, they often feel stressful. However, the stress of gift shopping doesn’t have to be a complicated endeavour this year. If you're looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy individual, look no more. Cannabidiol (CBD), is the ultimate game-changing gift this holiday season. 

Why? Because everyone can use CBD. 

Now is the time to leave the panic, stress, and worry behind; and get ahead of the game with 5 of the best CBD gift ideas this holiday season

1.CBD gifts for the reasonable shopper

Green Gorilla – 1200mg Hemp & Olive Whole Plant Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

For those on a budget, finding a high-quality CBD oil can be tricky. After all, you get what you pay for. But that doesn’t mean all high-quality CBD oil should break the bank. Green Gorilla is known for their high-quality USDA Certified Organic full spectrum CBD oil. They carry various strengths to meet any CBD user’s needs and offer unique formulations to increase bioavailability. Their 1,200mg Hemp & Olive Whole Plant Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is perhaps their most affordable, best selling tincture. 

2.CBD gifts for your athletic/active friends 

Livity Foods – EVERBAR Complete Variety 16-Pack

Hemp is a multi-purpose ingredient. In fact, when we consume hemp we are consuming some of the best omega-3’s and omega-6’s available. That said, the more active we are, the more quality foods we need to consume. Livity Foods offers some of the tastiest CBD protein bars on the market. All ingredients and lab results are provided for each product on their website, ensuring their customers are safely consuming high-quality CBD. They carry a number of flavors to choose from for as little as $44.95 for a box of 16 bars. Their Everbar Complete Variety 16–Pack is among their most popular seller. 

3.CBD gifts for wellness enthusiasts 

Mary’s Nutritionals 

CBD has quickly become the new fad in the wellness arena, and for good reason. People everywhere are noticing a difference in how they feel, look, and act. It can be hard to narrow down what to buy for the wellness enthusiasts in your life, but it doesn’t have to be. From CBD products specifically made for him and her, to specially designed CBD products for pets, Mary’s Nutritionals offers something for everyone. Whether you know someone in need of a full skincare collection or just want to buy Mary’s pain relieving sample packs, Mary’s Nutritionals is sure to not disappoint. 

4.CBD gifts for the sweet tooths out there

Green Roads – 200mg CBD Froggies

If gummy bears and gummy worms are a favorite for the sweet-toothed folks in your life, then Green Roads CBD Froggies are a must for this holiday season. Packed with uplifting hemp-derived cannabinoids, these sweet, delicious Froggies come in various flavors: green apple, strawberry, blue raspberry, lemon lime, grape, and a mystery flavor for those who like livin’ life on the edge. Each Froggie gummy contains 50mg of CBD, with a total of four Froggies in each bag. Eating sweets never felt so relaxing!

5.CBD gifts for the anxious non-sleeper

NanoCraft CBD – 300mg CBD Oil Night Formula

CBD oil has quickly become a go-to for people who struggle with anxiety and sleep. While clinical studies are still lacking, many people have seen positive benefits with CBD oil regarding their sleep and anxious symptoms. Perhaps one of the most unique products on the CBD market today is NanoCraft’s CBD Oil Night Formula. Formulated with stress-reducing essential oils and ingredients like lavender, 5-HTP, passionflower, and melatonin, this Night Formula is sure to restore and relax your mind and body from the stresses of each day. 

Whether you’re buying for friends and family, or for yourself, you can’t go wrong with high-quality CBD products. After all, there’s nothing better than giving the gift of less stress and more relaxation this holiday season. Visit CBD Philly for any addition CBD gift ideas. Happy shopping from CBD Philly



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