CBD For Weight Loss

The Holidays are a joyous time of year. A time of year where meal prepping, good intentions, and calorie counting are often thrown out the window, especially when homemade pumpkin cheesecake is involved. It’s true, after bingeing on every holiday treat imaginable, we begin thinking of ways to lose weight and eat healthier. Of course, the best weight loss methods are eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and reducing daily stresses. But some people may need a little extra focus and motivation to achieve their goals. 

That’s where CBD may be able to help. However, it’s important to note that while CBD is not a treatment for weight loss, it may be an effective vehicle in helping some people lose weight and achieve their healthy lifestyle goals. 

How CBD affects your weight

Metabolism and genetics play a huge role in how we lose and gain weight. For some people, it almost seems impossible to lose weight. Within each of our bodies we have a system known as the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps regulate and balance our appetite, digestion, sleep, energy, pain, etc. When this system is in balance, our body works in maintaining a healthy weight, brain function, and sleep patterns (1). But when our ECS isn’t working properly, everything is thrown off, potentially including our metabolism, hormones, and weight. This leads to the question: How does CBD actually affect our weight?

According to a study led by the department of Animal Physiology at the University of Gdansk, researchers noticed that CBD (Cannabidiol) reduced weight gain in rats. Male rats were administered 2.5 and 5mg/kg a day. For 14 days, researchers monitored the rats' weight, and noticed a significant reduction in the body weight of the rats that received 5mg/kg a day. They concluded that CBD may have an influence on the CB2 receptors which may help regulate body weight (2). 

While this study shows a lot of promise for CBD, assuming that CBD alone will help you shed a few pounds is wrong! Why? Because CBD is a tool in bringing the body into balance by allowing our ECS to naturally create and utilize more endocannabinoids. But it is not a weight loss miracle.

Does CBD interact with our metabolism?

In another study, researchers discovered that CBD did three things that affected metabolism and body weight: 

  1. CBD actually helped the body burn more calories.
  2. CBD stimulated the genes and proteins that break down fat cells.
  3. CBD decreased the proteins that help in creating new fat cells, otherwise known as “fat browning”, e.g. turning white fat into brown fat, which helps in losing weight (3). 

While these studies are thought-provoking and promising, more research is needed regarding CBD and weight loss. However, it does appear that CBD has a strong influence in bringing our bodies into a healthy balance. 

All in all, using CBD for weight loss can be highly effective along with a healthy lifestyle. Now it all boils down to what form of CBD consumption you want to go with. Here at CBD Philly, we strive to provide only the top brands that offer 100% organic, third-party tested hemp-derived products. Start your New Year right with CBD’s best products


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