CBD Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

It’s that time of year again — to get the best deals on your favorite CBD products. Shoppers everywhere are frantically running, hustling, and yelling to save as much money as possible on Black Friday. This year, we’re here to help. That’s why we’re celebrating Black Friday early! We’re offering 20% off the entire CBD Philly site

What’s more, we are offering discounts through December 2nd, Cyber Monday. That’s right, multiple days of CBD discounts to help you save money on all your CBD needs. So sit back, relax, and don’t bother getting off the couch. Explore all the CBD products CBD Philly Store has to offer this holiday season. Before you checkout simply type in the promo code: CBDBLACK to receive your 20% off now. 

Below are a few of our best-selling products:  

Hemp Gorgeous - Plain Jane

This award-winning CBD company offers a line of CBD products free of all dyes and perfumes. It’s 100% vegan and completely gluten- and soy-free. 

Their Plain Jane line offers CBD products for everyone: 

  • CBD drops
  • CBD lotion
  • CBD lip balm
  • Etc.

For those new to CBD, Hemp Gorgeous Plain Jane is naturally flavored and provides a simple non-psychoactive relief. 

Mary Nutritionals 

This CBD company is known for their full-spectrum hemp extract products. They specialize in offering unique, innovative delivery options that offer a wide variety of wellness benefits. 

Their products include:

  • Transdermal CBD patch
  • Remedy CBD oil
  • CBD muscle freeze
  • Pet care CBD tincture 
  • CBD body scrub and mud mask
  • CBD topical spray
  • Etc. 

For those looking for unique ways to consume or try CBD, Mary Nutritionals is a great company to start with. 


This is another award-winning CBD company. They offer various natural hemp-infused products that can address various needs. 

Gemstonz offers:

  • CBD honey
  • Broad Spectrum CBD tea
  • Broad Spectrum CBD dog treats

For those looking for delicious consumable CBD products for humans and pets alike, Gemstonz has you covered. 

Who says you have to choose just one brand of CBD oil or even a specific CBD product?  Here at CBD Philly, we understand the importance of having a broad selection of CBD products. From CBD oils and tinctures to CBD edibles and bath bombs, we have it all. Nothing’s better than saving money during the holiday season, and that’s what we’re here for. But this deal won’t last long, so get it before it’s gone. 

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