3 Reasons Why CBD Isn’t Working

Ok, you recently started taking a CBD product and it did absolutely nothing for you. While it’s true that CBD does hold therapeutic value regarding inflammation, anxiety, perception of pain, rare forms of epilepsy, and relief from sleepless nightsNot everyone experiences the amazing therapeutic benefits of this health-promoting molecule (1,2,3,4,5). 

This leaves the question: Are CBD products really worth all the hype? If so, why doesn’t CBD work for me? 

The truth is, CBD has helped thousands of people deal with a range of medical problems. In fact, just last year the FDA approved the first ever plant-derived CBD medication, Epidiolex, designed for patients who suffer from rare forms of epilepsy. With that said, before throwing in your CBD towel, lets look at 3 reasons why CBD isn’t working for you (6). 

1. Unreputable sources of CBD products

Unfortunately, a lack of regulation in the CBD industry has led to an infiltration of questionable CBD companies that are solely focused on making money rather than providing consumers with quality products (7).

In fact, the FDA tested several products from multiple CBD companies and found virtually no CBD whatsoever. What's worse, just last year 52 people consumed falsely labeled CBD and fell ill









More often than not, the source of your CBD can be the number one reason it’s not working for you. Reputable CBD companies will provide an up-to-date COA (Certificate of Analysis), proof of organic hemp farming practices, a list of the ingredients in each CBD product, thorough 3rd party testing, and clean CO2 extraction practices (8,9). 

2. Potency and dosage

Taking too much or too little CBD can affect each person differently. Those who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation may require higher doses of CBD, while others who have acute pain and small bouts of restless nights, may only need a small amount of CBD. The truth is, there’s no set dose of CBD that works for everyone. Each individual will have to discover what dosage works best for them through trial and error. 












Genetics, lifestyle, diet, metabolism, weight, and how you manage stress and sleep all play a huge role in how much CBD you may need. However, it’s important to note that when trying a new supplement, it’s best to start slowly with a low dose and gradually increase to reach your desired goal. Most reputable CBD companies suggest starting anywhere between 10 - 30mg per day, with a slow increase over time. Overall, a healthy dose can range from 10mg to over 100mg a day (10).

3. Unrealistic expectations 

Unfortunately, we have a drive-thru mindset –– we want what we want, when we want it. This mindset isn’t all bad, but when it comes to health and wellness, patience is key.  We want to feel instant relief from our aches and pains. 

We want to be energized and uplifted immediately. Sadly, pain medications have changed the way we view certain supplements. Even marijuana has skewed our mindset regarding our expectation for an instant sensation. When it comes to CBD consumption, and all the evidence behind it, we expect to feel something right away. The truth is, with CBD the focus needs to be more on what you're not feeling (like aches and pains), rather than what you are feeling (like a physical sensation). 








While it’s true that CBD is in no way a cure-all, anxiety, restless nights, pain, inflammation, and other imbalances can slowly be brought to balance with the help of CBD. We often ignore our symptoms until things get too unbearable and then we search for a quick fix. It took time to get our body in the state that it’s in, so it will take time to heal the body from the inside out. It takes time for CBD to work, and having unrealistic expectations will only frustrate the process (2,5,3,1). 

Trying CBD for the first time will be different for everyone. If CBD isn’t working for you, perhaps one of the above reasons could be to blame. For those who’ve never tried CBD before and are interested in learning more, read What Is CBD & The Benefits. If you’ve tried CBD and are looking for 100% organic CBD products, visit CBDPhilly. We make it our goal to spread awareness and help those interested in CBD. 



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